The Lennart and Margareta Rodhe Foundation was established on 21 October, 2004 by Margareta Rodhe. It was founded for the purpose of encouraging interest in and promoting research on Swedish contemporary art by providing works and archive material for art historic research and exhibitions. The Foundation is the universal heir of Lennart and Margareta Rodhe and owns their entire art collection and the copyright to all the works therein. In addition to the art presented on this website, the Foundation also presides over a large amount of biographical material, including letters, photographs, etc.

Board members

Ulrika Levén,
Susanne Forsman,
Sofia Bertilsson,
Patrick Amsellem,
Jan Watteus,

Foundation assignment

With the aim of promoting interest and research in Swedish contemporary art, I hereby donate SEK 50,000, works by Lennart Rodhe according to the list appended to this mission statement, and art historic material relating to the artistic practices of Lennart Rodhe and others in accordance with the list of books and articles appended to this statement, as an independent asset, and furthermore stipulate that the following statutes shall apply for the intended new foundation.

  1. The name of the Foundation shall be Lennart och Margareta Rodhes Konstvetenskapliga Stiftelse – in English, The Lennart and Margareta Rodhe Foundation, hereinunder called the Foundation.
  2. The Foundation shall fulfil its purpose by making works and research material available for art historic research purposes but may also use the income from its capital for grants to persons researching contemporary art, and finally, as a means of promoting interest in contemporary art, for solo exhibitions of selected parts of the art collection, or by lending works to group exhibitions. To cover operating costs for a suitable standard of storage, insurance, security and administration, the Foundation is permitted to sell pieces that are not considered to be key works. The entire revenue from such sales may be used for costs as specified in this paragraph. The Board is also permitted to sell works that are not considered vital, to cover costs pertaining to the Foundation’s purpose.
    In the event that the Board decides to sell works, the entire net revenue from such sales may be used for the Foundation’s purpose.
  3. The Foundation may accept donations from others wishing to support the Foundation’s purpose. The Foundation may reject a donation that is subject to conditions that are considered incompatible with the Foundation’s purpose or otherwise unsuitable.
  4. The Foundation shall have its own management.
  5. The Foundation’s Board, which shall be seated in Stockholm, shall consist of five members. The Board is entitled in future to increase the number of board members, should it find reason to do so.
  6. The Foundation’s financial year shall be the calendar year.
  7. The Foundation’s auditor shall be an authorised public accountant.
  8. The Foundation’s statutes may be changed by the Board subject to a unanimous vote. All other decisions are made by simple majority vote.